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Department of Samhita Siddhant & Sanskrit

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To provide the knowledge of Ayurveda classical texts and its fundamental principles along with its practical application to the students of Ayurveda .





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Prof. Dr. Gunvanti Ratre

M.D. (Ayu.)

Professor & HOD




34 Years


Dr. Praveen Kumar Mishra

M.D. (Ayu.) Ph.D.





13 years


Dr. Nidhi Markam

M.D. (Ayu.)





7 year


Dr. Omprakash Koshima

M.D. (Ayu.)





5 year


Shri Rajni Kant Sharma

M.A. (Sanskrit)





6 years


Smt Anamika


Bio statistician



3 years


The Samhita and Siddhanta department is the most important department in Ayurveda education as it prepare the foundation for Ayureda studies and gives the real sense of it. Without proper basis it is impossible to understand the higher principles of Ayurveda and utilise it in clinical practice.


1. Department Library with more than 150 books.

2. Computer and printer

3. Model and charts for Demonstration


Dr. Gunvanti Ratery

1.Introduction to Ritucharya According to Ayurveda A review wjpr.net, 2023, Vol. 12 issue 4 AMarch. p.2145-2149 ISSN 2277-7105

Dr. Praveen Kumae Mishra,

1. National Seminar on Ayurvedic Management of Cardio Vascular Diseases 10th march 2002 at Govt. Ayurved College, Rewa (M.P.)

2.Paper Presentation in National Seminar on Ayurvedic management of Heart Diseases, 16th oct 2007 at Govt (Auto) Dhanwantri Ayurved College, Ujjain (M.P.)

3.Paper Presentation in National Seminar on Ayurvedic management of Environmental and Occupational Diseases, 14th and 16th February 2008 at Govt (Auto) Ayurved College, Rewa (M.P.)

4.Paper Presentation in National Seminar on Importance of Panchkarma in Rasayan Chikitsa on 15th and 16th Jan 2011 Organized by Ojas at Bhopal. (M.P)6th World Ayurved Congress held on 6th Nov 2014 at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi.

5.Paper Presentation in National Seminar on New Research Prospects In Globalization Of Ayurveda held on 29th and 30th July 2016 at Rani Dullaiya Smriti P.G. Ayurved College& Hospital, Bhopal .(M.P)

Work Shop Attended-

1.R.O.T.P in Panchkarma from 4/09/06 to 1/10/06 at Govt. Ayurved College, Rewa (M.P.)

2.Training to teachers Program communicated by C.C.I.M from 21/12/2015 to 23/12/2015 at Pt. Khusilal Sharma Govt. Ayurved College, Bhopal.(M.P.)

3.C.M.E. in Samhita Siddhant from 19/09/2016 to 24/09/2016 organized at Govt. Ayurved College, Raipur, (C.G.)

4.International Herbal Fair Bhopal 2013, 2014, 2015.

Dr Praveen Kumar Mishra : 1.Awarded by Dhanwantari Samaan by Bhai Uddhavdas Mehta Smriti Nyas, Bhopal (M.P.) in 2013

2.Worked as Organizing Secretary in National Seminar (Niramaya 2016) at bhopal (M.P.)

3.Expert in Administrative Capabilities.

ACHIEVEMENTS: Dr praveen Kumar Mishra

1.Pathological role of Deshaviruddha Prakriti and Ritucharya a review EJBPS, 2015, Vol.2.issue.4, p. 894-898 ISSN 2349-8870 Corresponding author

2.Ayurveda Nidana regimen for Skin Diseases EJPBS, 2015, Vol.2. Issue.4, p. 899-904 ISSN 2349-8870 Co-author

3.Some classical preventive and curative approaches of Ayurveda for Maintaining Normal Physiology EJPBS, 2015, Vol.2. Issue.3, p. 155-159 ISSN 2349-8870 Co-author

4.Contributory factors of Diseases Diagnosis review as per Ayurveda ASDPUB, 2015, Vol.1, Issue,4,p.110-111ISSN 2454-3691Co-author

5.A review on some critical aspects and therapy of Samhita with their applications JIPBS, Vol.2.,Issue-4, P. 537-540 ISSN 2349-2759 Corresponding author

6.A critical review of controlled drug delivery system (CDDS) w.s.r. to gastric retention JVAP, 2015, Vol. Nov. p. 8-11 ISSN 0976-8300 First author

7.Various aspects related to Ahara as per Ayurveda – A Review EJPBS, 2016, Vol.3, Issue.2, p. 292-294 ISSN 2349-8870 Corresponding author

8.General consideration and Clinical importance of Swarnaprashana- A review EJPBS, 2016, Vol.3, Issue.2, p. 295-296 ISSN 2349-8870 Co-author

9.Preventive aspects of Panchakarma OJUS, RJHHM, 2016, Vo.7, issue 11, p. 37-40 ISSN 2454-7832 First author

10. Contribution of Vipaka towards the Dravya through concept of Pharmaco-kinetics JVAP, 2016, p.23-27 ISSN 0976-8300 First author

11. Autism and Ayurveda OJUS, RJHHM, 2016, Vo.8, issue 3, p. 31-33 ISSN 2454-7832 Co-author

12. Conceptual study – Prevention of Madhumeha by Yoga Science OJUS, RJHHM, 2017, Vo.9, issue 2, p. 19-21 ISSN 2454-7832 Co-author

13. Vidangadi yoga Churna in Obesity Management JVAP, 2017, p.13-17 ISSN 0976-8300 First author

14. Role of PanchatiktaGhritaKsheera Basti along with other Ayurvedic treatmentofKhalitya (Alopecia) JVAP, 2017, p.33-38 ISSN 0976-8300 First author

15. Pharmacological study of CharakoktaDeepaneeyamahakashayaw.s.r to Samanya-VisheshaSiddhanta JVAP, 2017, p. 22-19 ISSN 0976-8300 Co-author

16. AushadhaSevanaKaala- Described in Samhita in Ayurveda JVAP, 2017, p. 14-18 ISSN 0976-8300 Co-author

17. Role of Rasayana as a preventive and Curative Health Tool in Non-communicable Diseases JVAP, 2017, p.37-39 ISSN 0976-8300 C0-author

18. AnnavahaSrotasDushtiJanyaVikaar me DinacharyaAurRitucharya ka MahatvaManodaihikaSwasthatakeSandarbh me OJUS, RJHHM, 2017, Vo.9, issue 2, p. 7-9 ISSN 2454-7832 Co-Author

19. Part of Diet & Dietetics Principle As Specified On Ayurveda To Avoidance Of Life Style Disorders OJUS, RJHHM,2018,Vo.9,issur-12,p.25-31 ISSN 2454-7832 Co-Author

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21. Applied Aspect of Samanya-VisheshaSiddhanta in the management of Sthaulya JVAP, 2018, p.24-28 ISSN 0976-8300 Co-author

22. A cpnceptual review of AushadhaSevanaKaala in Ayurveda Siddhanta WJPMR, 2018, Vol.4 (6), p. 56-61 ISSN 2455- 3301 Co-author

23. Sheeta Pitta (urticaria) in Ayurveda JVAP, 2018, p. 43-46 ISSN 0976-8300 Co-author

24. Brief overview on effect of Ashwagandha on Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorders in Children JVAP, 2018, p. 42-46 ISSN 0976-8300 First Author

25. Madatyaya -Ayurved Concept W.S.R. To Alcoholism OJUS RJHHM 2018, Volume-10,issue 5-6 p-38-41 ISSN 2454-7832 First Author

26. LifeStyleDisordersAndIt's ManagementWithAyurveda OJUS RJHHM 2018,Volume-10,issue 7 p-28-31 ISSN 2454-7832 Co-Author

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31. IMPORTANCE OF KALA JVAP.2019,P.3-9 ISSN 0976-8300 Co-Author


33 Measures of Geriatric Care in Ayurveda JVAP.2019,P.16-24 ISSN0976-8300 FirstAuthor

34. Aurvedic view on dietics and importance of Dietry rules towards the healthbenefits ijayush, 2022, Vol. 11 issue 2 March April 2022. p.67-73 ISSN 2349-7025

35. Managment of Pshychosomatic disorder through Ayurveda in current scenario jvap,Vol-9-10 Sep Oct 2022 ISSn no 0976-8300 Page no 19-24

Dr Nidhi Markam

About Us

To serve as Leader of classical and traditional gems of Ayurveda. To provide disciplined quality and maintain standards of Ayurveda Education and Health care services. To develop excellent Ayurveda physicians for health improvement. To promote and propagate the knowledge of Ayurveda among the society. To create competent human resources for teaching and research in Ayurveda.To serve as Leader of classical and traditional gems of Ayurveda. To provide disciplined quality and maintain standards of Ayurveda Education and Health care services. To develop excellent Ayurveda physicians for health improvement. To promote and propagate the knowledge of Ayurveda among the society. To create competent human resources for teaching and research in Ayurveda.


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